United States Financial Fraud Investigations

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A person’s assets are often the summation of a life’s effort—a deeply personal involvement in an endeavor that affirms one’s very sense of identity and purpose. Thus, the plundering of these assets by an unscrupulous individual or company is among the vilest affronts one can experience. The great news is that for any of the outrageous schemes to defraud, no matter how cunning, there are countermeasures.


If you have been victimized by any of the ever-growing variety of scams, take heart; you have now arrived at the virtual doorstep of USFFI, where solutions abound against even the most insidious schemes. Our success rate in nearly 3 decades of service in regaining at least 85% of lost or stolen assets is second to none.


With our decades of experience and vast resources, no case is too large or complex for us to handle. Further, no global jurisdiction is beyond our reach. Our services are confidential and customized to each unique situation. Whether you have been victimized by fraud at the personal or corporate level, our individually customized services offer, we are confident, the greatest promise for recouping your loss.


Let us mutually explore the specific details of your situation. Your case will receive prompt and personalized attention. We believe that from the outset you will have the comfort of knowing that help and a probable resolution are at hand.


In short, we offer you the last laugh.